Best Bathroom Remodeler Near Me | Why Choose Seal Team Shower Squad

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Best Bathroom Remodeler Near Me | Why Choose Seal Team Shower Squad

You moved into your new home more than a decade ago. Now, you’re seeing plenty of signs of wear and tear, your bathroom included. Time to get some remodeling done, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, if your bathroom has already been in use for more than a decade, it’s definitely time! 


Why should I have my bathroom remodeled?

Okay, so maybe you’re not convinced. Maybe you think that you’re happy with just doing plenty of cleaning. And your bathroom works anyway, right?

Well, there are two reasons.


Reason 1: You just want a new look for your bathroom.

Admit it, those chipped tiles and discolored grout are getting to you. The faded walls aren’t helping either. 

And maybe you’re getting tired of how your bathroom looks and would like a nice change. For example, you might now be seeing areas where you can put storage. 

If your reason is as simple as you’re tired of your current bathroom, there’s nothing wrong with that! 

Plus, you might be seeing water leaks or molds growing in various parts of the bathroom. So if you think about it, it’s not just that you want a new look. You also want bathroom users to be healthier and safer.  


Reason 2: You want to improve the market value of your home.

Another reason to go for remodeling is that you are thinking of selling your home within the next half-decade. Maybe your children are all grown up and have moved out by then and a smaller house would suit your need. Remodeling the bathroom is one way to increase the resale value of your home.

If you are planning to do this, make sure to put plenty of your investment into repairs. For example, fixing your bathroom’s flooring fetches the highest return on your investment with a high 107%

Making your bathroom look good can come later. After all, a bathroom is useless if it looks good but has leaky faucets or uneven flooring leading to plenty of slippages, right?


What are the things I need to keep in mind when remodeling my bathroom?

A remodel of your bathroom entails cost and preparation. Expect to spend on the average $10,000 for your home bathroom remodel. And if it involves plumbing or electrical renovations, you would need to get a permit.

Despite the smaller space in your bathroom, a bathroom remodeling job still takes plenty of work. 

Plumbing works might already be a nightmare for you if you don’t do that type of work professionally. Remember that some of the things that need to be done in your bathroom include shower repair or shower restoration. Any small mistake you might make can lead to plenty of unwanted leaking.

Aside from that, you’ll also be doing electrical and woodwork. You will also be dealing with hard counters and surfaces on your floors, walls, or counters. Those aren’t easy to cut, punch holes through, or even simply move around.

You may still choose to do the bathroom remodel yourself. There’s nothing that can’t be found on YouTube nowadays. However, our best recommendation is still to get the services of a professional.


Why hiring professional bathroom remodelers is the best option

Now, we’re not getting you to spend your money on purpose. But think about it this way: a DIY job can be more expensive in the long run. Since bathroom remodeling is not your expertise, you are bound to make plenty of mistakes.

Plus, you don’t know the best options for materials, and you wouldn’t know what tools to buy. So you’ll end up spending more.

That’s the reason we recommend hiring professional and expert individuals or companies. They have the expertise plus plenty of experience when it comes to bathroom remodeling. You’ll end up with high-quality and quickly finished work.

But don’t just hire the first company you see either. Check their reputation and credentials, and make sure to check out their portfolio of finished projects.

Also, find out if they have the necessary people to oversee the remodel, such as:

  • Contractors
  • Designers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters

It’s also a good idea to ask for a list of their clients. Try to interview their past clients to get a first-hand account of the quality of their work and professionalism. Do proper vetting and ask for required licenses and insurance coverage.


Choosing the best bathroom remodeler in Florida for you

As mentioned above, a bathroom remodel project is highly labor-intensive despite its small size. And with nearly a thousand kitchen and bathroom remodeling company offering their services to homeowners in Florida, you might have a hard time choosing from all the available experts.

A professional company that does bathroom remodeling in Clermont, Florida should be able to provide you with their before and after shower restoration portfolio. This is to give you an idea of the quality of their work.

And because you would also want to not think of anything after the remodeling, it is best if you get a company that also provides bathroom tile and grout cleaning service in your area. Grout is a porous material that discolors over time, so make sure that the company you get has expertise in bathroom grout restoration.

And the great thing about hiring experts is that you can discuss your ideas with them. They’ll be able to give you feedback about the renovations you want. If their ideas match yours, that’s the company you should hire!


The Seal Team Shower Squad is the company for you!

If you are Googling “bathroom remodeler near me in Clermont, Florida,” look no further. The Seal Team Shower Squad is here for you! We are a leading company in the “hard surface” restoration industry, offering high-quality professional services to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses alike.

We can make any old tile floors new again with our tile and grout cleaning and sealing services. Our unique processes will make any surface in your bathroom transform in a matter of days.

We are proud of our trademark Shower Restoration option, as well as our, cleaning, repair and flagship “color sealing process”. We make sure to use only the best materials. The quality of our work has set us apart from companies that utilize traditional restoration methods.

We also offer natural stone honing, polishing, and sealing for marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and other natural stones. 

We guarantee that when we work for you, we will restore the beauty of your bathroom’s hard surfaces. Whether it’s tile or grout cleaning and sealing or natural stone restoration, our unique methods of work and products will once more bring to life not just your bathrooms but even to your kitchens, foyers, mudrooms, and more in less than a day.

If you feel that your bathroom needs an upgrade, pick up that phone and give us a call for your free bathroom remodel estimate. The Seal Team Shower Squad is open every day to take your call or to answer your email inquiry. We would love to work with you to give you the bathroom that you want.

We look forward to working with you very soon!